Social Media Marketing: How’s Your Brand Holding Up?

  Social Media Marketing: How’s Your Brand Holding Up?

Social media marketing is one of the newest ways to get the attention of your target customers and increasing traffic to your website. If you are using this tool, then you need to assess how this marketing strategy is helping your business. If you think that it is not effective increase facebook likes for your business, then you must go back to the basic of social media marketing. Third party websites such as social networking sites can be used to share your business brand name to the rest of the world. Wendy Arnott of TD Bank Group asks the question “Is there such a thing as a social bank, can we have a social business?” What about social banking? Whether you answer this question with a resounding “yes” or an emphatic “no”, there’s no denying the widespread use of social media. This is particularly true within the Financial Services industry, where both employees and customers are demanding social media strategies to support their needs. The core issue behind the banking sector is RISK, where the actions of both customer and employee can pose reputational issues. Banking of course is get free facebook likes highly regulated and as such need to take the time and effort to clearly define the use of social media. There are the early adopters who want to embed social media into every sector of the organization. On the other hand, there are those that take a more measured response with a “wait and see” or “let’s fine tune it after we see what others have learned”, type of approach. Both responses may be accurate based on the psychology of their business culture.


Best Social Media Sites for Small Business Owners

Are you confused and overwhelmed by social media? Face-what? Twit-who? You-how? In this post, I’m going to lay out a few of the best social media sites for small business owners, and why. First off, when considering your online marketing strategy, your website MUST come first. Think of it as sort of a “base camp” that you will connect to/from any number of external points. Your website is property owned by you, whereas social media pages are owned buying likes on facebook by someone else. Look at social media sites as simply a vehicle to get your message out there and drive traffic back to what you have control over. Still, getting “social” is an important component to any marketing plan. Did you know… there are more than 100 thriving social media sites online right now and more popping up every single day. It’s enough to make a persons head spin! If you run a small business, one thing that you probably don’t have a lot of- is time. You don’t want to spend a huge amount of time learning how to find and learn how to use the best tools to achieve your goals. Since my business is social media and web development I actually enjoy researching the best tools and have developed a portfolio of great tools and a workflow that works well for me. In this article I list the main tools I would recommend to most small businesses. Of course every situation is unique so I do recommend tailoring a system that works for you. One of the big advantages in this historically, was its use on a social network that has a limited number of characters such as Twitter (which only as a maximum of 140 characters). Using a full URL like the example I gave fake facebook likes would be a huge waste of space. These days Twitter does this for you with its own URL shortener-, so why would you want to use another URL shortener? Surely this one is just for geeks?! Well, the answer is tracking. Most URL shorteners don’t just shorten your URLs- they offer an analytics and tracking service. Also if you shorten all your URLs across all your social networks with the same URL shortener you can track all of your social networks from one dashboard.

Social Media for Business: 2016 Marketer’s Guide

Social media networks are fantastic resources for businesses of all sizes looking to promote their brands online. The platforms themselves are free to use, and they also have paid advertising options specifically for brands that want to reach even more new audiences. But just because your business should be on social media, that doesn't mean your business should be on every network. It's important that you choose and nurture the social platforms cheap facebook likes that work best for your business so that you don't spread yourself too thin. If you want to create a successful social strategy, you need to familiarize yourself with how each network runs, the kinds of audiences you can reach and how your business can best use each platform. We profiled the top social media platforms so you can learn more about them and market your business better. Instagram, like Pinterest, is a visual social media platform based entirely on photo and video posts. The network, which Facebook owns, has more than 400 million active users, many of whom post about food, art, travel, fashion and similar subjects. Instagram is distinguished by its unique filters and photo and video editing options. This platform, unlike the others, is almost entirely mobile (there is a Web version, but you can't take photos or create new posts on it, and other functions are limited as well). Instagram is another platform where more artistic niches excel, so again, it may not be the how to get fake likes on facebook best fit for your business, depending on your industry. If you want to succeed with Instagram, it's important that the person running your account has a good eye for detail and has at least basic photography skills, so that the photos and videos posted to your account are high-quality. And don't be discouraged if your industry is underrepresented on Instagram; if you can find the right hashtags to latch onto and can post intriguing photos, you will most likely make it work. To find out more about using Instagram for business, read our guide.

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